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Year 9 Art Hennessy Catholic College Art Exhibition

From February 2017

Featuring "Owl Girls" 2016 by Mackenzie Hardy, Emma Suitor-Clark, Jess Williams, Emma McIssac and Patricia Braddon (not for sale).

Left- "Face of 2016" $250



ARTIST - Joan Bell

Joan is an emerging abstract expressionist artist based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.

Now that her children have grown up Joan has been able to re-establish her priorities and is taking the time to focus on her art and creative side. What began as a relaxing hobby is developing into a full-time passion.

Inspiration for Joan’s paintings comes from the lush countryside where she lives in Gruyere in the Yarra Valley, the rolling hills, the vineyards & from her beautiful ponies and abundant garden. Just recently Joan visited family who live on a farm in Robe, South Australia and started painting cows and sheep after studying the farm animals. Whilst there the family spent time at the magnificent beach at Robe and Joan gained inspiration to begin creating her marine life / underwater paintings.

Joan loves all things colourful and bright and this is evident in the whimsical paintings she produces. Joan believes everyone should embrace visual art in their life and believes that art should make you feel happy. Most of her artwork is done using acrylic paint and various inks and she is now starting to experiment with oil as a medium. 

All paintings are available for purchase at Kettle & Grain Cafe.